Monday, February 29, 2016

This is what the far left is willing to tolerate.

Huffington Post -- Paul Slansky President Trump Was "Just Fooling Around"

This hateful and dangerous piece of satire (Can the Muslims in the Middle East understand this out of context and in translation as satire?) was put on the Huffington Post.

President Trump said he was "just fooling around" this morning when he placed two pieces of bacon -- a forbidden food in the Muslim religion -- between the pages of the Quran at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. The action instantly provoked a crisis that threatens to plunge the world into Armageddon.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Report: Nearly 90,000 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Released Last Year

Report: Nearly 90,000 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Released Last Year

Nearly 90,000 illegal immigrants that federal officials considered to be “criminal threats” were released from custody last fiscal year instead of being deported. The actions were because of Obama administration policies, the Washington Examiner reports.

As of March 2015 more than 347,000 convicted criminal immigrants remained at large in the U.S. And as of September 2015, 918,369 illegal immigrants with final orders of deportation remained in communities across the U.S.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This could be a problem for Senator Rubio
Exclusive: On Eve of South Carolina Vote, Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them

CRANE: Sen. Rubio never reached out to us. He surrounded himself with big business and amnesty groups, most of which were more interested in cheap labor and their own political agendas, and had no real concern for the welfare of immigrants, public safety, or the security of our nation. This while he ignored boots on the ground law enforcement officers who work within our broken immigration system every day and know better than any what’s needed to fix it. Common sense dictates that law enforcement be at the table when creating a bill like this. I think Sen. Rubio knew that, but actively chose to exclude us because of his own personal agenda.
Law Enforcement Sides with Chris Crane After Rubio’s Anti-ICE Tirade

Hodgson confirmed Crane’s account: “I was down there when the Gang of Eight did their press conference. I was standing right next to him,” Hodgson said. “He was definitely removed from the event. He wasn’t doing anything inappropriate or anything—he was just trying to ask a question, but they asked him to leave.”

Sheriff Hodgson similarly echoed Crane’s characterization of Rubio’s amnesty bill as “irresponsible and misleading for the American people.”

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The pope wants a death penalty ban during his year of mercy

The pope wants a death penalty ban during his year of mercy

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official compendium of Church teaching issued under John Paul, states: “If non-lethal means are sufficient to defend and protect peoples safety from the aggressor, authority will limit itself to such means, as these are more in keeping with the concrete conditions of the common good and more in conformity with the dignity of the human person.”

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Climate of Opinion

When Hillary Clinton Killed Feminism
International New York Times -- Maureen Dowd

“THE Clinton campaign is shellshocked over the wholesale rejection of Hillary by young women, younger versions of herself who do not relate to her.”

“The interesting thing about the spectacle of older women trying to shame younger ones on behalf of Hillary is that Hillary and Bill killed the integrity of institutional feminism back in the ’90s — with the help of Albright and Steinem.”

“Seeing Albright, the first female secretary of state, give cover to President Clinton was a low point in women’s rights. As was the New York Times op-ed by Steinem, arguing that Lewinsky’s will was not violated, so no feminist principles were violated. What about Clinton humiliating his wife and daughter and female cabinet members? What about a president taking advantage of a gargantuan power imbalance with a 22-year-old intern? What about imperiling his party with reckless behavior that put their feminist agenda at risk?”

Why Donald Trump's vicious attack on George W. Bush was so brutally effective — and brilliant -- James Poulos

“But Trump is not just running against Bushism. He's running against what it's a symptom of — the certain kind of insider sophistry that he says defines the political class. That's why he was onstage at all last night. That's why he's in first place now. And that's why he's more at home in the GOP than so many want to admit.”

“To understand how that could possibly be, understand what he's not arguing. The typical critique of politics today is that the ruling class has been corrupted by privilege. There's too much money in politics; there's too much of a cult of access; the tropes go on and on. Trump's not saying that. Instead, he's saying, the ruling class has been corrupted by foolishness. The problem isn't that "the politicians" have vanished behind the velvet rope. It's that they've vanished up their own rear ends. Obsessed with themselves, they have forgotten who they are. They have lost their way — and ours.”

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some interesting articles on genetics, epigenetics, and nature/nurture

NOVA -- Epigenetics
A short video to explain epigenetics

The explosive science of genetics
The Globe and Mail -- MARGARET WENTE

“A good general guess is that genetics explains 50 per cent of the differences in people in terms of personality, vocational interest, depression,”

Gene editing: where medical dreams and ethical nightmares collide
The Globe and Mail -- ANDRÉ PICARD

“CRISPR, which was initially developed to understand how bacteria defend themselves against viruses, has given scientists the ability to delete, tweak or insert genes, even in humans.” -- McGill University News, 01/29/2016

“We found that chronic pain changes the way DNA is marked not only in the brain but also in T cells, a type of white blood cell essential for immunity”

See also Epigenetics in NOVA Science

It Is Time To Consider Abolishing the Death Penalty

U.S. exonerations hit record high as more troubled cases probed
Reuters -- By Jon Herskovitz

“There were 149 known exonerations in 2015, where the exonerated defendants served on average more than 14 years in prison, said the report from the National Registry of Exonerations”

“Among those exonerated, 58 had been convicted of homicide, including five people who had been sentenced to death, it said. About three-quarters of the homicide exonerations included official misconduct”

“Texas had 54 known exonerations in 2015, followed by 17 in New York and 13 in Illinois, the report said.”

See Also -- Reconsidering the Death Penalty in Ohio