Thursday, December 13, 2018

This article is a good perspective on perhaps the underlying objectives of
Trump’s domestic and foreign policy.  A good read whether or not you agree
or disagree.

Real Clear Politics -- K. S. Bruce

Donald Trump’s China Trade War Is Not About Trade

Their basic economic formula is simple: The economy
is, by definition, equal to the size of the labor force times the
productivity of the labor force. The Administration has been
working in various ways to increase both the labor pool and its
productivity, and to make sure that a fair portion of
benefits from economic growth will accrue to the workers

The Administration’s more recent analysis has determined
that China will not simply become one, more mild-mannered
“club member” if left unchecked. Rather, the Administration
has concluded that China is seeking to surpass the U.S.
as a global leader, and is promoting centralized government
power as the model for the world to follow, at the expense of
Western, liberal-style democracy, personal freedoms and
individual rights.