Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Kim Jong-un -- The Only Fat Man in North Korea

Why would Kim Jong-un consider giving up his nuclear weapons and shifting from a military based regime to an economic based regime?

First, President Trump has made it clear that the United States will not allow North Korea to fully develop the nuclear capacity to destroy American cities and to use that as a method of blackmail. A military confrontation with the United States would mean the end of the both the regime and Kim Jong-un, whose primary goal is to retain power. China, as the only nuclear power in the Far East, has apparently now decided that a nuclear North Korea is also not in its best interests. The combined economic sanctions are further crippling a N. Korean economy that is in chaos. How long does Kim Jong-un think that he can stay in power when he cannot feed his people, but also cannot provide for his military and bureaucracy? That is the stick. How long does Kim Jong-un think that he can be the only fat man in Korea.

The carrot is a way out by shifting from a military based regime to an economic based regime. The United States, like it did at the time of the Cuban nuclear crisis, can give assurances that it will not invade or destroy N. Korea. It can bring a formal end to the the Korean War. It can provide immediate food relief and South Korea can also help to provide economic assistance and some cultural integration. By actually providing for his people and developing a modern economy similar to that of China or Vietnam, Kim Jong-un could continue his autocratic rule and still be seen as the adulated leader of his country. The odds might be fairly good that he will see the development of a prosperous N. Korea also as his best chance for a prosperous survival.

Monday, May 7, 2018

39% of colleges have 0 Republican professors

The latest study of American campuses shows that nearly 40 percent of the colleges surveyed did not have even one professor on their faculty who identified as Republican – confirming that liberal indoctrination in classroom politics is no myth.

In recently released research conducted by National Association of Scholars’ (NAS) Mitchell Langbert of Brooklyn College, 8,688 fulltime professors with Ph.D.’s from a sample of 51 of the 60 top-ranked liberal arts colleges – as ranked by a 2017 U.S. News report – were surveyed, and overall results reveal that for every 10 professors who register as Democrat, there is only one registered Republican professor.

"The moral sense, or conscience, is as much a part of man as his leg or arm. It is given to all human beings in a stronger or weaker degree, as force of members is given them in a greater or less degree. It may be strengthened by exercise, as may any particular limb of the body. This sense is submitted indeed in some degree to the guidance of reason; but it is a small stock which is required for this: even a less one than what we call common sense. State a moral case to a ploughman & a professor. The former will decide it as well, & often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules."
-- Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Peter Carr 1787

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The White House Correspondents Dinner and the Race to the Bottom in Civility

This is an example of why other countries may not consider the United States to be a “City on a Hill” or our culture something they would want to emulate.

 From C-SPAN coverage -
 Michelle Wolf remarks at the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner