Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update - Building Tensions in Ukraine

  • May 3, 2014 - Russia says it is weighing its response

    "The Kremlin’s announcement came after weeks of declarations from Russian officials that if Russian-speakers in restive eastern Ukraine came under threat, they would consider intervening in a conflict that has left several cities in the hands of pro-Russian separatists. On Friday, nine people were killed when the Ukrainian army launched its first major assault on a rebel stronghold and 34 died in clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian mobs in the Black Sea port city of Odessa."

  • Diplomats announce deal on Ukraine

    "Top diplomats from Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the United States have agreed on a set of measures to ease mounting tensions in eastern Ukraine."

  • Bloody Clashes breakout in Slovyansk

    "Pro-Russian activists and militants extended their grip across eastern Ukraine, prompting the government to mobilize the military as it struggled to prevent a replay of Russia's takeover of Crimea."

  • Crimea won, Putin tries not to lose Ukraine

    "Vladimir Putin looks likely to go down in history as the Russian leader who won back Crimea, but he is fighting to avoid also being remembered as the man who let Ukraine escape from Moscow's sphere of influence."

  • CNN -- Ukraine Crisis

    "Slightly north, in the town of Slaviansk, gunmen in camouflage stormed and seized a police building early Saturday, authorities said."

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of “Aggresssion”

    "Interior Minister Arsen Avakov's evaluation appeared on Facebook Saturday, shortly after armed militants with Russian weapons seized more government buildings in the Russian-speaking east, including police headquarters in Donetsk and Kramatorsk."

  • Ethnic groups in Ukraine

    "The majority of Crimea's 2.3 million population identify themselves as ethnic Russians and speak Russian - a legacy of Russia's 200-year involvement in the region."

  • US Faces Reluctant Partners in Sanctioning Russia

    "Economists say the U.S. risks appearing weak without support from Europe, which is Russia's largest trading partner and therefore has huge sway over Russia's already shaky economy. But Europe is far from ready to issue sanctions on Moscow that would undercut its own financial stability while risking its main source of energy."