Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Three views on Foreign Policy

RealClearPolitics -- Obama Dithers While Terrorism Escalates

Many liberals give to Islam a deference they accord no other religion, which is odd, since so many radical adherents commit genocide, torture gays, treat women as chattels.

To defeat an enemy, the first, indispensable step is to know him, said Sun Tzu, after 2,500 years still considered the greatest strategist of all time.

NY Times -- Retroactively Authorizing War

They went largely unnoticed, four words President Obama ad-libbed during the State of the Union address last month as he asked lawmakers to provide legal cover for America’s military intervention in Iraq and Syria.

WP -- Will Washington allow the pursuit of positive foreign policy?

President Obama’s trip to India was strategically important, symbolically resonant and deftly executed.

If the United States can partner with India and Indonesia (in addition to its alliance with Japan), it is far more likely that Asia — and the world — will be characterized by free trade, multilateralism and rules-based systems. Stronger relations with Indonesia could have an impact on the broader debate about reform in the Muslim world.