Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never underestimate the Republican's ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

Obama’s Greatest Triumph
He is six months away from destroying both the Republican Party and Reagan’s legacy.

“Today, the last men standing amidst the debris of the Republican presidential competition are Donald Trump, a political independent who is using the Republican Party like an Uber car; Ted Cruz, who used the Republican Party as a footstool; and John Kasich, a remnant of the Reagan revolution, who is being told by Republicans to quit.”

USA Today
Kirsten Powers: The Republican blame game

“The dissatisfaction among a large cohort of GOP voters is directly attributable to their unhappiness with a party that they believe does not represent their interests. In exit polls, high percentages of GOP voters registered displeasure with their leadership. In Tennessee, 58% of Republican voters said they felt “betrayed” by their leaders, as did 47% in New Hampshire, 52% in South Carolina and 54% in Ohio.”