Saturday, August 12, 2017

Who Disrupted and Interfered?

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she took actions to discredit the election of Vladimir Putin. We now know that the Russians at least attempted to discredit our presidential election and what most presumed would be the presidency of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, however, now attributes the disruption and interference in the presidential election, and also possibly her loss of that election, primarily to the actions of James Comey. President Trump knows that James Comey did not refute the false and leaked allegation that he was under investigation by the FBI, thus feeding an anti-Trump media frenzy. James Comey then created his own leak with the purpose of compelling the appointment of a special counsel. Jim Comey’s discretionary actions always placed himself at the center of the narrative. He now has a contract to write a book for an estimated two million dollars. As it turned out, there was a profound disruption and interference first in the presidential election and then subsequently in the presidency of Donald Trump, not primarily by the Russians, but by the chosen actions of James Comey, and now the media.

James H. Rutherford, M.D.