Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Death Row Exonerations - One in Eleven

One in Eleven Death Row Inmates since 1973 have been Exonerated.

Our legal system doesn’t always get it right.

  • Reuters 11/19/2014 -- Ohio man exonerated after 39 years in prison, to be released Friday

  • Ohioans To Stop Executions:

    The week ended with the exonerations of three men. Brothers Wiley Bridgeman and Ronnie Bridgeman (who now goes by Kwame Ajamu), and Ricky Jackson became Ohio’s 7th, 8th and 9th death row exonerees. The three were wrongfully convicted in Cuyahoga County in 1975. Wiley and Ricky were freed yesterday after 39 years of imprisonment. Kwame was released in 2003 but not officially cleared of wrongdoing until now.

    These men spent more than 103 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. In one day, the number of death row exonerations from our state rose from six to nine, and took the national total over 150. This is a somber reminder why our work in 2015 and beyond is so important.

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