Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Conservative and Pragmatic Trend in the States

Republicans pick up governorships from Democrats in liberal strongholds like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois.

  • What Senate Republicans can learn from the GOP-led states

    "Republican leaders in the states have been successful while the national party has struggled because GOP governors are focused on reforms that are relevant to the daily lives of their citizens."

  • How Larry Hogan used tax data to turn Maryland red

    "New taxes were costing Marylanders $3.1 billion a year — on top of the levies they already were paying. Maryland joins high-tax states in the Northeast, Midwest and California among those with the largest exodus between 2007 and 2010 The bottom line was stunning. Maryland lost $1.7 billion in taxable income to other states in just three years under O’Malley and Brown."

  • Walker Wins Again

    "Stories of Walker’s reforms helping schools and lowering property taxes proliferated in the press. Walker’s Democratic opponent, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett,couldn’t name a single school that had been hurt by the law."