Monday, November 17, 2014

Proposed Ohio HB 663 -- Secrecy surrounding government executions

This is what the death penalty comes to:

  • Secrecy surrounding government executions
  • Hindering judicial oversite
  • Hiring physicians to violate their ethical code

Proposed Ohio House Bill 663 does the following:

  • Makes the sources of Ohio’s lethal injection drugs confidential state secrets that cannot be revealed even in court of law or as a result of a subpoena.
  • Makes null and void any local, state, national, or international contract that prevents executions in Ohio from being carried out (i.e., a manufacturer prohibiting the use of its drugs or other equipment in executions).
  • Encourages medical professionals to violate their codes of ethics by participating in executions and gives them legal protection if they do.

This would become a defining issue for the legislatures and Gov. Kasich who has presidential ambitions in 2016. Never underestimate the Republican's ability to shoot themselves in the foot.